The Art of Fibromyalgia: Look What I Found!

Just a few days after writing my post explaining that there is, indeed, an art to having fibromyalgia, I found this picture:

Coincidence? Fate? Kismet? All of those put together? Perhaps God led me to the picture. Either way, it validated the very concept I came up with on my own; you can refine the art to living with a painful, chronic and often disabling condition. When mastering any art, you will have trial and error and a lot of experimentation. People will criticize. Forget people that have nothing better to do than trash talk those whose walk they will hopefully never have to experience. I do hope and pray, nonetheless, these mean, heartless people learn the art of empathy and compassion. To read “The Art Of Fibromyalgia”…. the post I am referring to….. just continue reading. Until next time. K.

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