Fibromyalgia Suicide Prevention

movie4Fibromyalgia Awareness. We  Fibromites attempt to show the truth about Fibromyalgia while drowning the inaccuracies. We talk. We write. We post quotes and pictures on social media. However, many of us strive to further drive home how much this elephant on our backs really affects our lives every waking moment.

I undertook my first You Tube video to a beautiful but sad song about suicide. We all know Fibro in and of itself is not life threatening. However, the pain is life long and coupled with secondary conditions and the natural aging process, I myself shudder to think what I will feel like in ten, twenty, thirty years time when I can barely get around NOW. The other thing that came to mind was that the suicide rate for Fibromyalgia patients is eight to ten times higher than the average population. This is huge. I get it. I know the feeling of not being able to take it anymore. Enter a life crisis and a few people telling you to “Shape up….” and that is the straw breaking the back. I do not think people realize how both ignorant and arrogant they can be about something they have no concept about. In addition, I find it rich that people assume that if you are in a crisis it is automatically about your Fibromyalgia/ health. I decided to put on my director / editor’s cap and possibly found my newest addiction. movie2

I proudly present my first You Tube Video, to Rascal Flatts beautiful song, “Why”:

Until next time, K.

4 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia Suicide Prevention

  1. that is wonderful. i had seen it posted on facebook but didnt see it was you that made it. i loved it and tried to find it on youtube but only found tthe song, good thing i check in with your blog every now and then.. absolutely wonderful.. gonna post it on facebook again..
    love you {{hugs}}

  2. Thank you Tina! Because Fibromites have such a high suicide rate, I am passionate about also raising this as awareness. I honestly do not know a single warrior on this path that has not thought about it on more than one occasion…. and I want to add MS, Lupus, RA, etc to the list there as sister illnesses. I have seen 2 Facebook Fibromites die inside the last year. Now I don’t THINK they took their own life but again, that stresses how much Fibromyalgia affects the body. I know a few people have probably unfriended me on Facebook because I make it my mission to raise awareness. However, what is the difference between that and say raising awareness about autism or domestic abuse? Anyway, glad you liked it. I had a BLAST making it and I think I missed my calling. I really could have gotten into the film editing thing! As always my dear, thank you <3

  3. yeah there is so many sister illnesses that need the awareness as well, anything that suffers with any kind of chronic pain ups the chances of suicide, even psychological pain too.. sometimes that is the worst of them.. but we must all stick together and help each other through it all.. i know i have lost a few friends on facebook from all my sharing of photos and stuff, alot of people have me blocked so they dont even get my updates especially if they contain an image.. but oh well no loss to me, i dont know them any damn way.. like it says, the ones that are meant to be in your life will stay in your life if they weren’t then they will be gone…. you do have a good calling for filming..

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