New Video!

chronicfatiguesyndrome2aMy video about Fibromyalgia and suicide just passed five thousand views on You Tube. I am very humbled and happy that Fibromyalgia and its plight is trickling out into the world. While I made it to give HOPE to my fellow Fibromites, I also made the video to raise awareness about our day to day battle with this monster and the fact that people with Fibromyalgia have a much higher rate of suicide. I can concur. Let me just say I woke up on Saturday morning with one of the worst migraines I have ever had. I am glad we own no weapons.

Last week I took my 11th fall in six months. Many might think I have recurring falls because of the Fibro but sadly, this is not the case. If you remember me writing “The Tangible Tales” a few posts back, in which I wrote about my neck problems….. 2 disc herniation’s, stenosis, arthritis, bone spurs, kyphosis, degenerative disc, etc., it is the pressure on my spinal cord that causes these falls. This fall was bad. It was in the parking lot of Kroger and I went down with NO warning. The fall was hard. Even though I was layered in winter clothing and a thick coat, I still have scrapes and a bad knee abrasion that looks like it is getting infected. I am still quite sore, six days later. So I have pretty much been down for the count since then. I decided to do another video on Fibro from my eyes and and loosely base it on my experience. I did this video literally from a semi-lying / reclined position on my couch. For two days I got up just to do the bare minimum….shower and use the facilities. My poor husband had to cook dinner or grab Subway or pizza every night for the last week. He is a Saint!

chronic-fatigue-syndrome2I proudly introduce, “Fibromyalgia, What It Is Like, From My Eyes”

Until next time, K.