I Will Be Back!

underconstructionThank you for bearing with me as I tend to some personal family issues, take a needed break and just take an all around breather. I will be back soon with an eclectic range of posts! Coming soon! Anticipated Date at this time: December 2015 after my ACDF surgery on November 13th. I have been very busy preparing for this surgery and hope  to start a VLOG on this. I have 3 herniated disc: C-4/5 5/6 6/7 (C-1/2 herniated a long time ago and they fused themselves), Severe foraminal stenosis, bone spurs, degenerative disc disease, osteo arthritis, a severe kyphosis. Basically the only I do not (I think anyway) is a fracture. One Dr agreed  in my city (that is the teaching hospital for Va Tech Medical students) to take my case. Wish me luck! And I will be back…. just the Terminator! 

Thank you one and all who have supported me by following this blog. This is my labor of love and I love all of those who share this journey with me. Take one day at a time and make the most of the ‘good’ days and rest, relax and just do your best on the bad ones. Life is but a breath. Take every moment and make it count. See you all soon. I have much to say!